[CSSWG][css3-flexbox] CSS3 Flexbox Candidate Recommendation!

The CSS WG has published a Candidate Recommendation of the
CSS Flexible Box Layout Module Level 1


Flexbox is a new layout model for CSS. The contents of a flex
container can be laid out in any direction, can be reordered,
can be aligned and justified within their container, and can
"flex" their sizes and positions to respond to the available
space. We expect this model to be particularly useful for UI

W3C encourages implementations of this module, and welcomes
feedback resulting from such implementation. Requests for new
features will be assigned to Level 2.

Significant changes since the Last Call Working Draft are listed at:


Please send any comments to this mailing list, <www-style@w3.org>, and
please, prefix the subject line with

      [css3-flexbox] (for comments on Level 1)
      [css-flexbox-2] (for new feature requests)

For the CSS WG,

Received on Saturday, 22 September 2012 04:23:23 UTC