[css-regions] Handling content overflow out of its region range


The spec is not very clear about what happens when content overflows
outside the region chain of the containing block. There are some things
that need to be better specified such as:
- the overflow should be rendered inside the previous/next region in the
chain or outside the region that's being overflown? I'm in favour of the
first option.
- the width computation - should the overflow get the width from the
overflow region or the initial layout position? I think it should not use
the overflow region.
- the used style in the context of region styling - should the style used
be the one in the region where the overflown content is actually painted
or from the region where the content was laid out? There may be a debate
about grouping the paint properties to change the aspect of the overflow
but the layout to not change when overflowing. I think the paint
properties of the region where the content is overflowing make sense to
change the aspect of the content (e.g. Text colour, background colour).


Received on Friday, 7 September 2012 13:30:38 UTC