Re: [cssom] CSSRule.parentRule and CSSRule.parentStyleSheet should return a "CSSRule?"

On 9/3/12 1:38 AM, Glenn Adams wrote:
> I've drafted this behavior at [1][2]. Your review would be appreciated.

Looking at deleteRule[1], some comments:

1)  An exception in Step 1 of the algorithm is impossible: since the 
WebIDL says the argument is unsigned long, WebIDL will guarantee that 
this algorithm only sees nonnegative values.

2)  At least some UAs will throw if you try to delete a rule from a 
stylesheet that's not done loading yet.  Not sure whether this should be 
in the spec or not...

3)  At least some UAs do a same-origin check on deleteRule calls and 
disallow deleting a rule from different-origin sheets.  Not sure whether 
they all do and whether there's a real security hole involved if that's 
not done, but worth checking.

4)  In step 4 of the algorithm, it's not clear whether what needs to 
happen is an actual invocation of the cssRules ES getter on the object 
in question followed by the invocation of the .item() method on the 
return value of that getter, or whether that step refers to the 
"canonical" cssRules getter and item() method, ignoring any page 
modifications.  The correct behavior is to do the latter.

5)  In step 5, same issue: it's not obvious clear that this is just 
referring to the internal state of the rule as opposed to the API (in 
which parentStyleSheet is readonly).  It may be a good idea to 
distinguish between internal states and API invocations, in general.

Other than that, deleteRule is fine.

Looking at parentStyleSheet[2], I think the first Note is 
overconstraining.  For example, it contradicts any other specification 
defining a way to create rules outside stylesheets.  It's not clear to 
me whether the second Note matches implementation reality; that should 
be tested.  If it does _not_, it's worth asking implementors whether 
they plan to change their implementations here.  My understanding is 
that the circular references implementing this requires are a serious 
problem for some implementations.

In either case, being Notes, these are non-normative statements, and as 
a non-normative statement Note 2 doesn't make that much sense to me.  If 
you want the spec to actually require this (which is not obvious to me), 
it needs to be a normative requirement.

As long as I was here, one more comment.  The ownerNode [3] on a 
stylesheet can in fact be null.  This happens for @imported sheets, and 
also when the href of a <link rel="stylesheet"> is changed: the old 
sheet no longer has the <link> as its ownerNode at that point in at 
least Gecko.





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