Re: Media queries for stereoscopic 3D displays?

On Sat, 01 Sep 2012 11:10:14 +0200, Douglas Crosher  
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> Has there been any consideration of using media queries to detect
> stereoscopic 3D displays?
> For example: anaglyph variants, interlaced, checker-board, left or right
> image of a parallel or cross eye stereoscopic view.
> Perhaps it would be best to just target a left and right view and leave
> it to the display software to convert this to a suitable format, but
> knowing a display needed anaglyph, interlaced, or checker-board formats
> would make it possible to serve up suitable images.

I don't recall such a discussion taking place in this group. Fundamentally,
I think being able to use media queries to provide specialized styling
to 3D displays is worth pursuing, but I am not sure the timing is good.

As far as I can tell, 3D screens are still relatively rare, and there
is no generally agreed way for browsers to deal with them. If there were,
it would definitely be useful to provide a way for authors to detect
if their page is being rendered in such an environment and to act on
it. But until it is well established what an author could do to take
advantage of being in such an environment, I don't think introducing
such a media query will help, or that it can be done well.

  - Florian

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