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Re: [css-variables] Using $foo as the syntax for variables

From: Jonathan Camenisch <jonathan@camenischcreative.com>
Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 09:54:06 -0500
Message-ID: <CANkPBgYhD7qdx--F7qYEKGpcJetQw7s6A=1j-Hjo8KgUr6wnMQ@mail.gmail.com>
To: www-style@w3.org
As an avid SASS user, I pitch my vote for making CSS optimal at the expense
of SASS. If it is at all possible, please do not pollute this list any more
with considerations of "making SASS users' lives easy/difficult." SASS
makes our lives better in the current moment by giving us abstractions that
CSS cannot. CSS, on the other hand will be affecting the lives of our
grandchildren. The two concerns are just not in the same league. I
challenge anyone to find a SASS user who would rather keep their SASS
codebase instead of getting a better CSS. I doubt you can find one,
although I'm open to real data. The issue strikes me as hypothetical, and
it adds noise to the discussion.

Or stated another way: don't make long-term decisions for short-term

Not that the authors of SASS haven't articulated this well enough, but
here's one data point: one SASS user's vote. Please, please, PLEASE make my
life more difficult by improving CSS.


P.S. Also note that the $foo syntax won't break any dormant, unsupported
code. Such code can keep using the old SASS, and producing old-style
CSS. The day I want to upgrade my css output to use $foo variables, I can
just use a translation script to transform all my SASS files, and I'm on to
the new syntax. This just isn't difficult, folks, even if difficulty for
that population mattered.

Jonathan Camenisch
Received on Wednesday, 23 May 2012 21:14:46 UTC

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