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RE: [css3-flexbox] cross-size of flexbox lines

From: Alex Mogilevsky <alexmog@microsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 8 May 2012 05:53:01 +0000
To: Morten Stenshorne <mstensho@opera.com>, fantasai <fantasai.lists@inkedblade.net>
CC: "www-style@w3.org" <www-style@w3.org>
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 From: Morten Stenshorne [mailto:mstensho@opera.com] 
 Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2012 12:29 AM
 If the line in non-wrappable flexboxes no longer follows the flexbox's cross size 
 strictly, I think flex-line-pack should apply to non-wrappable flexboxes as well, 
 since there may now be negative extra space to distribute (and also positive 
 extra space if the note referred above is removed, to eliminate even more 

It may be a good idea -- but only if nowrap flexbox gets the same behavior as single-line wrap, namely the ability to stretch the line outside flexbox and align content into overflow.

I would prefer to keep nowrap behavior as is and add a special case to line sizing in wrap case.

 Which brings me to the following question: Why isn't negative line stretching 
 allowed? Negative item stretching is allowed (and it makes a lot of sense). 
 Shouldn't there be a way to make the sole line in a flexbox fit the flexbox's 
 cross size perfectly (by stretching or shrinking the line)? Isn't that use case 

Negative cross-size stretching works for items, but only if their cross-size is 'auto'.

For lines, negative shrinking would mean that content will overlap across lines and I can't think of any situation when it would be desirable...

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