[CSS21] Percentage width on table cells (Was: Re: [CSS21] Fixed table layout and percentages)

On 17/11/2011 19:17, "Gérard Talbot" wrote:
> Le Jeu 17 novembre 2011 5:33, Simon Sapin a écrit :
> (Even a non-auto
>> width property is actually a minimum.) Does that mean that percentage
>> widths on columns or cells can never be used?
> Setting a percentage width on column can be done, I'm sure.
> Setting percentage on cells, right now, I don't know.

I agree that there's an issue here.  If percentage values of cell widths 
refer to their containing block (the table box) then, in the automatic 
table layout algorithm, what happens if there are insoluble constraints 
involving percentage widths on both a cell and on a column in which it lies?

Anton Prowse

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