Re: [css3-images] Referencing <svg> element directly with element()

On 2/22/12 6:15 AM, Erik Dahlstrom wrote:
> If I understand the spec correctly, elements that are "paint sources"
> (e.g <img>, <canvas> and <video>) can still be used when referenced via
> element() even if they are not rendered. Please clarify what "not
> rendered" means. Would display:none be included in that definition for
> example? Please consider making <svg> as a "paint source" as well. That
> would make svg easier to use here, since you wouldn't have to wrap the
> content inside a <pattern> element.

One significant difference between <svg> and the others you mention is 
that SVG in general depends on various information from the page 
(viewport size, style information, etc) that depends on position in the 
DOM and on CSS box generation.

In particular, treating <svg> as a "paint source" would be very very 
difficult in Gecko.  I can't speak to other UAs.


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