Re: [css3-images] How does image-orientation interact with EXIF data?

On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 4:34 PM, Simon Fraser <> wrote:
> I still don't think it's really clear. The spec says:
>> Sometimes images from camera phones, digital cameras or scanners are encoded sideways
> and then in the Note:
>> Note that in CSS, orientation data encoded in the image (e.g. EXIF data) is ignored
> The difference between "encoded sideways"  and "orientation data encoded in the image" seems too subtle. Maybe the note should refer to metadata or even EXIF explicitly.
> I don't know the history of image-orientation (the earliest reference on the list is in 2004), but I still think that orientation issues related to EXIF are way more frequent than those due to encoding sideways. I question whether this property will be used often enough to warrant its inclusion.

Okay, how about now?  In the intro I specifically refer to how
data-based sideways orientations can arise, then immediately have a
note about metadata-based orientations.


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