Re: [css3-exclusions][css3-gcpm] Reconciling exclusions and floats

David Hyatt wrote:

 > I'm bothered by the relationship of the wrap-flow property to the
 > float property. Right now in CSS2.1 we have a very simple exclusion
 > model, which is float:left and float:right. CSS3 GCPM proposes
 > adding page floats that can be positioned in the corners of the
 > page or at the top/bottom of columns. These seem like sensible
 > additions as well.


 > What I don't understand is why we would move from a float-model of
 > exclusions to a new model that applies to all block-level elements,
 > even normal flow elements. What is the value of allowing exclusions
 > to be applied to arbitrary layout schemes? If we instead
 > implemented precise positioning of floats, e.g., the "positioned
 > floats" idea, then we could limit exclusions to be applicable only
 > to floats.

Indeed. And, with the GCPM approach, exclusions would be able to
describe the most common (if not the simplest) use case: a pull quote
positioned between two columns.

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