Re: [css3-page][css3-mediaqueries] Page size conflicts

On 02/17/2012 11:22 AM, Simon Sapin wrote:
> Hi,
> In paged media, media queries have several features such as 'width' and 'height' that are based on the size of the page box.
> However, with css3-page, that size is decided by the 'size' property in @page rules.
> How do media queries interact with the 'size' property?
> For example, how is the following resolved?
> @media print and (max-width: 20cm) {
> @page { size: 21cm 29.7cm }
> }
> @media print and (min-width: 20cm) {
> @page { size: 14.8cm 21cm }
> }
> More generally, the results of the cascade depend on which media queries match. Can values tested in media queries depend on
> the result of the cascade? How are the results defined in such cases?

Currently the spec says the following:
   # If a size property declaration specifies a page size that would
   # cause that declaration to not apply (e.g. a media query that
   # qualifies it applies only to a different paper size) then the
   # declaration must be ignored.

There's an issue marked there:
   # Is this a reasonable way of dealing with this conflict?

Fundamentally, the problem is that
   - we would like the page to be able to express a preferred size
     (or multiple preferred sizes; there was a suggestion to extend
     'size' to accept a list)
   - we would also like the page to be able to provide layouts for
     multiple sizes

If you've got a better suggestion for how these two features should
interact, I'm all ears. :)


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