[css3-images] Editorial: "Bounding box"

I reviewed CSS3 Image Values and found no major issues. I did find some
minor or editorial issues. Here is the first:

Under 3.3 element(), in the sections labelled "Otherwise":

| The function represents an image with width and height equal to the
| bounding box of the referenced element.

[plus several more mentions of "bounding box"]

"Bounding box" is not defined in this spec or in CSS 2.1. In other
contexts, the term "bounding box" often refers to the total painted
area for an element, including shadows and overflow. I suspect
"border box" is what is meant, since shadows and some border images are  

Leif Arne Storset
Core Technology Developer, Opera Software
Oslo, Norway

Received on Wednesday, 1 February 2012 14:29:56 UTC