Re: [css3-values] required ranges for values

Heya Kenny!

Below are our responses to the issues you raised in this thread.

Issue 22: Required ranges for all the values seem random or incorrect
Closed as Accepted - based on WG feedback, we've modified the required
ranges to 2^27-1, a requirement for 3 decimal digits of precision, and
20 repetitions.  Note that this are required minimums, *not* ceilings
- they exist mainly so we can validly test up to reasonable values.

Issue 23: When does clamping happen in calc()?
Closed as Accepted - the spec now says, in the definition of numeric
types, "When arithmetic is performed with numeric types (for example,
in the calc() expression, or when doing unit conversions), if the
result is outside the UAs's supported range, it must also be clamped
to the closest supported value."

Please let us know if these are acceptable!


Received on Monday, 23 April 2012 20:46:16 UTC