Re: [css3-border][css3-background] border-radius with <angle>

Hello Christoph,

Regarding your two suggestions for the Backgrounds and Borders module:

On Tuesday 13 March 2012 12:58:03 Christoph Päper wrote:
> The ‘border-radius’ properties accept two values for each corner,
> it’s really just one angle and its complement.
> Since the two-value notation already looks like it specifies the
> tangent of the interior angle at the vertical edge or the exterior
> angle at the horizontal edge, I wondered whether border radius could
> also be specified with <angle> values. You would of course also need
> some kind of scaling factor, perhaps the lengths of the hypotenuse.
>   border-radius: 37deg 5em;
> would then specify (approximately) the same curved border as the
> example at the beginning.

We (the CSS WG) decided to _not_ make such a change to the module. We 
don't see a strong enough reason to add such a feature, certainly not at 
this time.

Please, let us know if you object to that decision.

> This might not look as useful on its own, but imagine we wanted to
> introduce not rounded but “cut” corner shapes where the hypotenuse
> (or diameter) would become visible instead of some arc. (Shorthand)
> properties could then work like this:
>   border-corner: _normal_ | curved | sharp
>   border-radius – if specified sets ‘border-corner’ to ‘curved’
> or
>   border-radius: <border-corner-shape>
>   border-cutoff: <border-corner-shape>
>   <border-corner-shape>: [ horizontal-radius [ / vertical-radius ]?
>                          | <angle> diameter ]

We also decided _not_ to add these corner shapes to the module. 
(However, we did record them in the draft of a possible level 4 
module[1], so we can revisit the question later.)

Please, let us know if you object to that decision.


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