Re: [Selectors4] :dir()

Daniel Glazman:
> Le 30/09/11 10:57, Christoph Päper a écrit :
>> When there is a small, fixed set of possible arguments one should consider not using arguments at all. That means, ‘:ltr’ etc. seem the better choice.
> Because the text direction is going to remain limited to horizontal
> in the future? The set of directions is not small…

It is not, it is. Anyhow, if the selector is supposed to be extensible in the future, a more appropriate design would be something like

  :direction(<line progression start>, <glyph progression start>)
  :direction(top, left)  {/* eurographic */}
  :direction(top, right) {/* semitographic */}
  :direction(right, top) {/* sinographic */}
  :direction(left, top)  {/* Mongolian */}

or, to deal with boustrophedon,

    <line progression start>, 
    <glyph progression start in first/odd line>,
    <glyph progression start in second/even line>

or something more complex to deal with (in-/outwards, [counter]clockwise) spiral text etc. or block progression, which usually is the same as line progression.

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