Re: [css3-text] Couple of word-spacing issues

fantasai <> wrote:

> On 09/28/2011 09:53 AM, Lev Solntsev wrote:
>> Hello!
>> 1. Gecko, Presto and Trident handle spaces between inline-blocks by the  
>> word-space
>>    property, but Webkit doesn't. It does by the letter-spacing property  
>> which, I
>>    believe, is wrong, since inline-blocks behavior is more words alike  
>> then glyphs.
>> However, that isn't defined anywhere in CSS, so probably it's good idea  
>> to define that somewhere?
> It is already defined.
>    # Word spacing affects each space (U+0020) and non-breaking space  
> (U+00A0),
>    # left in the text after the white space processing rules have been  
> applied.
> This means that
> <inline-block/><inline-block/> will only be affected by letter-spacing,  
> whereas
> <inline-block/> <inline-block/> will be affected by word-spacing.

Thanks! Didn't take an attention to that text. I've filed a bug to webkit
based on your answer:

Probably the attached testcase is worth adding to CSS test suite:
I didn't found according test before.

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