[css3-text] Couple of word-spacing issues


1. Gecko, Presto and Trident handle spaces between inline-blocks by the  
word-space property, but Webkit doesn't. It does by the letter-spacing  
property which, I believe, is wrong, since inline-blocks behavior is more  
words alike then glyphs. For example adjacent inline-blocks can break into  
rows while usual glyphs in words can't (with word-break:normal).

However, that isn't defined anywhere in CSS, so probably it's good idea to  
define that somewhere?

Nowadays word-spacing property is often used to eliminate spaces between  
inline-blocks produced by code formatting white-spaces.

2. Opera and IE doesn't allow the word-spacing property to shrink  
white-space less then a zero. Again there is no definition anywhere, but  
probably that's good idea, since different fonts have different space  
width (notably monospace fonts), and it can be unpredictable due to font  

Such a rule could help to avoid unintended text overlapping. Isn't it  
worth adding it?

Received on Wednesday, 28 September 2011 16:54:13 UTC