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Re: [CSS4-UI] Fwd: Would be cool with support to use standard icons from the platform

From: Lev Solntsev <greli@mail.ru>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2011 12:33:26 +0400
To: www-style@w3.org
Message-ID: <op.v2ifd0fi39dhqv@lev-nb>
Generally nice idea, but I believe there is many issues with that. Icons
has their own colors and authors should manage theme somehow. Probably
it can be done with “toolbar” color scheme.

Moreover different implementations use different position for buttons like
“search” or “favorites” with theirs icon and therefore different visual
appearance and color schemes. Some implementations place them visually
inside input field with white background (e.g. Chrome, Firefox),
some place them next to input fields and there could be any background
such as semi-transparent (IE), gray (Opera), dark, colored by skin etc.

So CSS4-UI should give some instruments to manage these issues, probably
not just providing icons and system colors, but more complex structures
like search boxes as a whole, probably different options for icons:
button/icon, dark/light icons, toolbars. Scalability with fine
customization would be nice there too.

Tantek Çelik <tantek@cs.stanford.edu> wrote:

> Forwarding to www-style for consideration/discussion. -t
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> From: Tantek Çelik <tantek@cs.stanford.edu>
> Date: Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 08:24
> Subject: Re: Would be cool with support to use standard icons from the  
> platform
> This is a very interesting suggestion.
> Fred, could you resend it to the www-style mailing list:
> www-style@w3.org
> so that we can publicly archive it and follow-up there?
> Feel free to CC me as well.
> Thanks!
> Tantek
> On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 06:25, Fred . <eldmannen@gmail.com> wrote:
>> All operating systems / desktop environments come with a set of  
>> standard icons.
>> Such as New, Open, Save, Save All, Print, Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo,
>> Redo, Search, Help, etc.
>> It would be cool if these icons were reachable from CSS.
>> Then web apps could use system icons, and it would be cross-platform
>> and have native look.
>> Example:
>> #save {appearance: button; icon: save}
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