Re: [css3-page] Rules for Pagination into Varying-Width Pages

On 09/26/2011 05:51 PM, Alex Mogilevsky wrote:
> I haven't seen this thread yet...
> I like these rules. A couple more issues to consider:
> -- Margin/border/padding - are these calculated once per element or per page?
> (I think per page, it is rare to have percentage in any of them, but if it ever happens it is more likely that per-page will work better)

Per page, per the rules stated. :)

> -- What happens when an image with "width:100%; height:auto" is broken across pages of different width?
> (I think it is rendered with different scale on different pages. It would probably
> look better to keep image scale from starting page, but the use case is rare and
> consistency seems more valuable)

I was thinking to recalculate as well; you'd just have to be careful to preserve
the correct amount of "progress" down the block axis. :) We've specced similar
behavior for background images already [1] (although that could probably use
some more clarifying examples).

It might be a bit tricky with <iframe>, though.


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