Re: Inclusion of :drag-over in CSS4 UI

On 09/23/2011 08:41 AM, Tantek Çelik wrote:
> Two (checkbox) choices:
> 1. :drop-zone - spec'd as Firefox implements
> - added to
> *CSS3-UI*, since it sounds like a WebKit implementation would be
> imminent, thus being CR-ready in short order.
> 2. :valid-drop-zone, :invalid-drop-zone - spec'd as a :drop-zone that
> is valid/invalid per Tab's suggested text (edited), added to
> *CSS4-UI*, since there are zero implementations today.
>     :valid-drop-zone - a drop zone that accepts the type of data being dragged
>     :invalid-drop-zone - a drop zone that doesn't accept the type of
> data being dragged
> Thoughts?

This should go into CSS4-UI. CSS3-UI should be in feature freeze right now.
Like, we need to cut off and ship CR at some point. :) If it's not something
that's been implemented interoperably for years without a spec, and just
needs a spec, then imho it shouldn't be a candidate for CSS3-UI.


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