Re: Inclusion of :drag-over in CSS4 UI

On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 5:18 PM, Ryan Seddon <> wrote:
> Firefox has had the :-moz-drag-over[1] pseudo-class for sometime which
> allows you to style an element when the drag over event is called on it.
> I think this would be a useful inclusion to be considered for the CSS4 UI
> module, albeit perhaps with a more descriptive name.
> [1]

Since this actually matches an element with @dropzone (and which is a
valid dropzone for the dragged element), I think it needs a better
name.  As an initial bad suggestion, :valid-dropzone.

Other than the name thing, though, this is definitely useful.  It's
very useful for an author to indicate visually when the user is
hovering over a valid dropzone, and without this you can only achieve
that effect by adding/removing a class in the drag events (which isn't
reliable, iirc, because you could, for example, drag from the element
to outside the window).


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