Re: [cssN backgrounds] background-repeat: extend;

On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 11:20 AM, Brian Manthos <> wrote:
> Is there a draft that discusses this?
> I couldn’t find one.

It's been discussed in the past in relation to gradients, but hasn't
yet made it into a draft.  I considered adding it to Image Values, but
we instead decided it should go into B&B4.

The effect of it is that it displays the entire image when an image
overflows the concrete object size.  This never happens with raster
images, but it always happens with gradients, and sometimes happens
with SVG images.

This value is placed under background-repeat because, name
notwithstanding, the effect of the property is to specify how to paint
a finite-sized image onto an infinite canvas.  'extend' fits right in
alongside the tiling values.


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