[CSSWG] [css3-values] updated WD of CSS Values and Units

On 6 September 2011, the CSSWG published an new Working Draft of the
CSS Values and Units Module Level 3:

This module defines various new units as well as the calc(), attr(),
and cycle() functional notations. With respect to the previous (2006!)
draft, the cycle() notation is new. Other than that, not much has
changed substantially. However the draft received a *very* major
editorial  overhaul, and has now be sync'ed to CSS2.1.

As always, this mailing list, <www-style@w3.org>, is the preferred place
for comments. If you send e-mail, please start a new thread and include
the spec code [css3-values] and your comment topic in the subject line.

We're especially asking for review on the functional notations, as their
definitions are more complex than the other types.


Received on Thursday, 8 September 2011 23:58:35 UTC