Re: [css3-flexbox] Typos in updated flexbox spec

On Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 10:45 AM, Alex Mogilevsky <> wrote:
> I should have said thank you first for making awesome progress on editing the spec and getting it into shape. Thank you!


> I don't think we need to discuss impact of syntax changes hypothetically. Let's just start with getting a consensus on syntax between the editors as soon as we can, then it will have a decent shot with WG. I'll write up some options for the pack/align property set and will get back to discuss. It may not even change what you have, I still want to see options and reasoning. Does that sound ok?


> And I agree that grid should have baseline alignment defined, I'll include that as well.


> Is this the only part of the syntax that you wanted to improve? Any other syntax issues that you are not perfectly happy about?

I only have four issues with the spec currently:

1. This naming issue with the values for flex-pack/align/line-pack (this thread)

2. Whether we can simplify flex-flow or not (I've started a thread about this)

3. Exactly what "center" means for flex-pack/align/line-pack, and
whether we need additional values to help with it (I've started a
thread about this too)

4. Whether the layout algorithm is correct/sane (no thread yet)

I'd prefer we resolve #1 by keeping the current spec values of
start/end/center, as I've argued in this thread.  I don't know about
#2 yet, but if we don't drop anything, then I'm fine with the current
names.  Not sure about #3 either, but I'm hopeful we can keep the same
values and just tweak the definitions a little.  #4 won't affect the
syntax, but I need feedback.


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