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Re: [css3-text] text-transform: uppercase; and cpsp OpenType Feature

From: Tal Leming <tal@typesupply.com>
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2011 14:18:19 -0400
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To: Sergey Malkin <sergeym@microsoft.com>

On Sep 7, 2011, at 2:02 PM, Sergey Malkin wrote:

>> I think that *if* we want to support this feature it would be better to support it using an extra value for font-variant-caps.  Support wouldn't be automatic but there also wouldn't be odd differences in text-transform'ed text versus simple strings of capital letters.
> *If* value for capital spacing is added, it should be parallel to existing font-variant-caps modes. Same can be said about case-sensitive forms ('case'), which should only be used when it is known that whole paragraph consists of capital letters only. Also, titling caps ('titl') are applied to capital letters, but kind of size-dependent. Both are applied manually, and both may be combined with capital spacing.

FWIW, there are many fonts out there that change more than capital letters in the case and cpsp (and titl) features. I've made and seen fonts that change punctuation, figures, etc.

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