Re: [whatwg] add html-attribute for "responsive images"

Şann fim  1.sep 2011 17:54, skrifaği Karl Dubost:
> Le 1 sept. 2011 à 18:57, Bjartur Thorlacius a écrit :
>> I advise against simply prerendering bitmaps for every device you can think
> s/device/experience/
>> of as I figure you're suggesting, because you can't think of everything. How is a user to search for a company by its motto, if the motto is a bitmap?
> You are missing the point.
I'm getting off topic. Please disregard the quoted paragraph.
Now, back to the first post in thread.
Anselm <> a écrit:
> There's currently no good feature to implement something like responsive images which adapt to the different device-resolutions. We only can implement one image with one resolution scaling-up and down.
Solutions to this problem come in two flavors: client-side, where the 
server sends a list of URIs each associated with a media query; and 
server-side, where the UA sends a medium description to the server and 
the server responds with the correct message body. Which one to choose 
is a matter for debate in this thread.
Is the list to be embedded in the HTML? Is it to be sent as an entity 
body of a HTTP 300 Multiple Choices response, with due roundtripping, 
lag and compatibility issues? Is it not to leave the server at all, and 
the UA to send a medium description?
This issue is in no way limited to still images, and applies just as 
well to video and sound.

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