Re: [css3-gcpm] paged presentations, page floats, paged navigation between documents

Just to follow up on this, another reason I think the page size should be independent of the size of the box is that in iBooks landscape mode we show two pages at once. Right now the fact that we happen to use a multi-column strip allows us to just show two "columns" since each "column" is in reality a page, but that just totally falls apart for writing modes like vertical-rl (where the column layout by default is in a vertical strip instead, but a 2-up display still needs to be a horizontal strip).

vertical-rl with 2 pages being shown at once is a great example of why you need a pagination mode that isn't just based off overflow. For a box you want to be able to define:

(1) Is the box paginating its child content?
(2) How are the pages placed inside the box (in case you show more than one or want to use coordinate math to move between them)?
(3) What is the actual page size (so that you show 2 pages at once by making the page width half the width of the box).
(4) Shouldn't @page rules work with these pages? (I think it should.)

I think those are the questions that a pagination syntax needs to answer. I think using overflow is one potential way to do this, but it implies that your page size is fixed to the size of the overflow box, and I'm worried that may be too limiting.


Received on Wednesday, 12 October 2011 20:30:21 UTC