Please all cool down (was: [css3-images] simplifying radial gradients)

Le 08/10/11 00:18, Tab Atkins Jr. a écrit :

> I read every single email that gets sent to the list.

Yes, that's what spec editorship or authorship implies.

>  I respond in sometimes-ridiculous length when it is warranted.

Yes, you can't have the good bits without the bad bits :-)

>  I give serious
> thought and consideration to every suggestion relevant to my work.

Excellent. Thanks for that.

> That doesn't mean that everyone's going to be happy at the end of the
> day.

Ah. You're wrong here. Standardization is based on wide consensus and
consensus is the maximization of happyness - also called sometimes the
minimization of pain but I don't like that pessimistic point of view -
for everyone. People with excellent knowledge of the subject expressing
concern about a proposed solution are clearly a warning signal. The
goal should always be "make everyone happy" even if not "super happy".

> That's fine; what matters is that I end up with something that
> both I and the WG as a whole is happy with.

Formally, yes. Practically, no. We request feedback from the community
at various steps of the REC track and we have to formally address their
remarks and suggestions. So it's more "I, the WG and all of you guys".
We also work openly, and doing that gives us some form of strong
responsability in response to public feedback.

Le 08/10/11 03:41, Bjoern Hoehrmann a écrit :

> Indeed. As the W3C Process Document notes, "W3C follows processes that
> promote the development of high-quality standards based on the consensus
> of Tab Atkins Jr." (originally it added "and the CSS Working Group" but
> the CSS Working Group does not exist anymore, as far as I am aware).

Tab only tries to maximize the quality of a spec w/o diving into endless
debates. I must admit that I am myself puzzled by such a long thread
unable to reach a consensus. One thing is certain from my point of view:
users want these features and they want it standardized as soon as
possible because browser vendors shipped experimental versions of them,
creating the need for them. If we get lost in endless debates, we'll be
So your words, Björn, are a bit too sarcastic for this mailing-list
and you perfectly know Tab is only aiming at the best for CSS.
I recommend apologies to Tab.

Le 08/10/11 07:27, Tab Atkins Jr. a écrit :

> We're really doing this?  Really?
> Sigh.  Whatever.  Troll all you want, I have work to do.

Please all cool down, and cool down now. There are only people of
good will here and we all have the same goal: make CSS progress. You
are passionate at what you're doing, and remote chats never replace
face-to-face discussions with a whiteboard. Björn is not trolling, he
is only as passionate as you are. I recommend apologies to Björn.

Let's find a consensus rapidly based on compromise, please. I want
to read sentences like "ok, not my best choice but I can live with it".

W3C CSS Working Group, Co-chair

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