[css3-layout] Updated WD of Template Layout

The CSS WG published an updated draft of the CSS Template Layout module:


The module defines a mechanism to define one or more invisible grids, 
called "templates," and then position the elements of a document in that 
grid. This allows elements to be placed in a visual order independent of 
their source order (as with absolute positioning) while still allowing 
them to be aligned to each other automatically.

Note that this module is related to other modules that deal with high-
level layout, including Grid Layout, Regions and Flexible Box Layout. 
Only little work has been done so far to integrate them.

The changes since the previous draft are listed in


The additions include a 'chains' property to combine multiple slots in a 
template into a single one, in order to create areas with complex and 
disjoint shapes; and a larger number of properties that apply to slots: 
the style of a slot in turn influences the style of the elements placed 
inside it (region-based styling, see also the text about this in the 
Regions module).

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