Re: [css21] Revising the definition of the 'inherit' keyword

On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 8:34 PM, fantasai <> wrote:
> On 11/18/2011 04:30 PM, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
>> Sveral telcons ago we discussed the definition of the 'inherit'
>> keyword in the 2.1 spec, and agreed to change it to be better in line
>> with what CSS3 Cascade says.  Here's my attempted edit:
>> In 6.1.1, change the ordered list to:
>> 1. If the cascade results in a value other than 'inherit', use it.
>> 2. Otherwise, if the property is inherited or the cascade resulted in
>> the value 'inherit', and the element is not the root of the document
>> tree, use the computed value of the parent element.
>> 3. (unchanged)
>> In 6.2.1, change the first paragraph to:
>> Each property may have a cascaded value of 'inherit', which means
>> that, for a given element, the specified value of the property is the
>> computed value of the property on the element's parent.  If 'inherit'
>> is given as a value to a shorthand property, it has the same effect as
>> specifying 'inherit' for all of the longhand properties that the
>> shorthand represents (even if the combined computed values of the
>> longhand properties end up being an invalid value for the shorthand).
>> I believe that's all the changes that would be necessary.
> I agree with Anton that the errata's wording seems fine. We already
> have a resolution to fix it, so unless you feel the errata's wording
> is insufficient in some way, there's no reason to reopen this.

Ah, I didn't realize we had errata for it.  I had an action to draft
text for it from several weeks ago, so I was discharging that action.

The errata is fine, but incomplete.  Per Oyvind's feedback, 6.1.2
should strike the sentence "See the section on inheritance for the
definition of computed values when the specified value is 'inherit'.",
since the specified value is never inherit.  As well, it should
include something like my proposal for the meaning of 'inherit' on
shorthand properties, which don't have computed values.


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