Re: [css3-multicol] should spanner margins collapse?

On Mon, 28 Nov 2011 15:19:24 +0100, Anton Prowse <>  

>> It would also mean
>> that floaters that extend beyond the boundaries of the spanning
>> element will affect the following spanning element's content...
> This is true... but that's the case with consecutive headings that  
> contain a float in the normal block formatting model anyhow.

Also, should that not be the desired behavior, it can be turned off using
overflow:hidden. I am not sure it could be manually turned on if we chose
proposition B instead.

>> Advocating for this option means to only consider the case when the
>> column spanning element is an immediate child of multi-column element
>> which is a restriction that is not imposed by the current spec (nor
>> should it be).
> Such an unrestricted model doesn't make much sense to me anyway.  Surely  
> only elements which participate in the block formatting context of one  
> of the columns should be allowed to span.  What are the use cases for  
> allowing spanning from within a nested BFC?  What does it mean for an  
> element inside an inline-block or overflow-scroll or floated or abspos  
> column content element to span the columns?

I haven't thought about this as deeply as I probably should, but my first
reaction is that I would have no problem banning spanning on elements that
don't participate in the BFC of one of the columns.

  - Florian

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