Re: [css4-ui] backdrop for fullscreened elements and modal dialogs/lightboxes

On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 7:21 AM, Edward O'Connor <> wrote:

> Suppose a Web author uses the Fullscreen API[1] to fullscreen an element
> with background:transparent. There are a few things we want to be able
> to say at this point[2]:
>  * the element takes up the entire screen
>  * the background of the element is *not* the user's desktop & open
>   windows, for the obvious security reasons
>  * the only parts of the document that are visible are the element and
>   its descendents

I don't think this third item is correct. In the current fullscreen
proposal, the rest of the document can be visible behind the fullscreen
element. I don't see what else background:transparent on the fullscreen
element could mean.

There should be an easy way for the Fullscreen API spec to say something
> like "the fullscreen element stacks above everything else" without
> playing z-index tricks or the like[3],

z-index tricks aren't really a problem. The problem is the
non-compositionality of multiple fullscreen elements or fullscreen combined
with other "on top of everything else" features like <dialog>.

and authors should
> [to some extent] be able to style "the thing behind the fullscreen
> element"—minimally its background color.

You can always just set the background of the fullscreen element, so I
don't think there is a need to set an additional background, for fullscreen
at least.

> I've added a proposal for a ::backdrop-of(selector) pseudo-element for
> this use case on the css4-ui wiki page[4].

The link in that wiki page points back to your email. How did you do that?

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