Re: [css3-lists] remove "Complex Counter Styles" and "Optional Extended Counter Styles" sections

Also sprach Tab Atkins Jr.:

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 > >  > > I expect it to be present in the upcoming WD.
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 > >  > That issue is already present in the ED, at the start of chapter 11.
 > >  > I put it in there a few days ago.
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 > > Could you also add spelled-out lists for comparison purposes?
 > Is this actually needed?  It would take a non-trivial amount of work
 > to do, and you can just imagine one of the existing non-repeating
 > styles with a 100-long glyphs descriptor.  It doesn't have a very
 > surprising experience, and the visual appearance of the rule isn't a
 > very important detail.
 > Or actually, for a good example of what a verbose @counter-style looks
 > like, check out some of the additive styles like georgian or hebrew.
 > (Though, if we *did* decide that we didn't care about values past 100
 > or so, I'm pretty sure I could express them as an additive style in a
 > much shorter way than explicitly listing values in a non-repeating
 > style.)

That's a very good reason for writing it out. So, yes, I'd like to see it.

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