Re: [css3-ui] drop 'appearance' and related properties

Björn Höhrmann wrote:

> >I think the WG should resolve to drop the properties and additions
> >described in this section of CSS3 UI before publishing a new draft.
> The 'appearance' property never made much sense to me, so I'm all for
> not investing more resources into it. For "related" properties I don't
> think you've made the case, you would have to list them, for starters.

I was referring to all the properties defined in the "Appearance"
section. The 'appearance' property is defined as:

  The ‘appearance’ property is a shorthand for ‘appearance’, ‘color’,
  ‘font’, and ‘cursor’. It sets ‘appearance’ to the specified value and
  the other properties to their appropriate system value; ‘normal’
  resets ‘appearance’ to ‘normal’ and the others to ‘inherit’. The
  ‘appearance’ property does not affect the specified or computed values
  of any other properties. 

It also adds a whole slew of values to 'font' (explicitly) and to
'color' and 'cursor' (implicitly).

Unless there is a strong use case for this I think we should omit this
entire section.


John Daggett

Received on Thursday, 24 November 2011 05:02:20 UTC