Re: Unprefixing CSS properties

* Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
>Would you like to connect this criticism to anything that's actually
>happened, or would you prefer to just rant without context?
>The spec in question, after all, hasn't had a single Last Call yet,
>does often include rationale in drafts, and is produced by two of the
>most active and responsive editors in the CSSWG or the W3C as a whole,
>so I don't understand what this email is even attempting to correct.

The context is that the current process around prefixing does not work
well; one reason is that they stick around a very long time, and one
reason to keep them for a long time is that feedback leading to major
changes may come very late. I offered some reasons why feedback can be
expected to be late and made suggestions what to do to ensure important
feedback comes earlier and more predictably. Addressing that would make
prefixes work better, and that seems to be the goal of this thread.
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