Re: [css3-text] Splitting CSS Text into Level 3 and Level 4

On 11/23/11 7:47 AM, "Florian Rivoal" <> wrote:

>> How much interoperability are you looking for?
> Enough to be testable sounds like a good limit in this case.
>> But I think we can have tests that check that text-justify:inter-word
>> only changes word spacing and leaves inter-character spacing alone.
> That test would be wrong. text-justify:inter-word does not require that
> you only change
> spaces between words. Only that you *primarily* change space between
> words. You are free to
> also change inter-character spacing, as long as you don't change it nearly
> as much as
> inter word spacing.

You are correct. I was thinking of an example where a minor adjustment to
word spacing would be sufficient, and where I would expect no changes to
inter-character spacing. But that's not required in the spec. A UA could
interpret the spec's priority levels for inter-word by adding 5x word
spacing and 1x character spacing until the content filled the line box. That
would be a bad algorithm for Roman text, but I'm not reading anything in the
spec text that disallows that strategy.

I'm not sure that we would gain anything by getting more specific, though.
There are valid choices to make that will differ between implementations.
Perhaps the test cases could check that the spacing changes at each priority
level are roughly equivalent, and that higher priority changes are larger
than lower-priority changes.


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