Re: [css3-text] Splitting CSS Text into Level 3 and Level 4

On 11/23/11 6:41 AM, "Florian Rivoal" <> wrote:

>>>> * text-justify
>>> I'd push this back. [...]
>> I don't know of any open issues on this property, other than the request
>> for more examples, as I addressed all other the feedback that was brought
>> forward. If you have more issues, you'll have to raise them.
> I don't have specific problems with details of the proposal, but rather a
> general opinion about it. I am just not sure this is the right approach.
> The
> previous proposal (discussed at Kyoto), was too specific about a few
> things,
> such that it would disallow good justification algorithms (such as TeX's).
> Now that's fixed, but the result seems fairly fuzzy to me, and I am not
> sure
> we can expect much interoperability out of it. How would you write text
> cases
> for this?

How much interoperability are you looking for? Different justification
algorithms will always result in different line breaks and spacing values
used. But I think we can have tests that check that text-justify:inter-word
only changes word spacing and leaves inter-character spacing alone.


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