Re: [css3-background][css3-text] text-shadow computed value

On 22/11/11 11:58, Brian Manthos wrote:
> _
> # <shadow> = inset? && [ <length>{2,4} && <color>? ]
> _
> # Computed value: a color plus three absolute <length>s
> So the 4^th length is omitted from the computed value of text-shadow?
I think it has been mentioned previously in the list that text-shadow 
was spec'ed before spread radius was added in box-shadow. Thus, the 
text-shadow definition
assumes 3 lengths, even though it doesn't explicitly restrict 
text-shadow to 3 lengths. So, technically, a spread radius should be 
allowed but the way it should work is not specified anywhere (there was 
a recent discussion about spread radius in text-shadow: ).
The only UA currently implementing a spread radius in text-shadow is 
My point is that the issue you are pointing out with the text-shadow 
definition is actually part of a much bigger one.

Lea Verou ( | @LeaVerou)

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