Re: [css3-content] sizing of images inserted using the content property

On Mon, 21 Nov 2011 16:50:59 +0100, Tab Atkins Jr. <>  
> As Boris is saying, the 2.1 processing model for images in 'content'
> is to render them as an anonymous inline box in the element.  They are
> then unsizeable by traditional means.
> Content 3 is *way* out of date here (if you're looking at the ED, it
> has that big obsoletion notice on it).

Right, I saw that notice. But webkit (at least in its chrome incarnation)
follows this obsolete ED when it comes to images in non-pseudos, which is
causing some (admittedly minor) interoperability problem for Opera, since
we don't.

I am fine considering this a bug in the spec and in chrome/webkit, but
I wonder if webkit people are interested in touching this as long as
css3-content is in its current state.

> The correct solution, when I
> or someone else has time to pick the spec up, is to add another value
> to 'content', something like:
> ::before { content: replaced url("foo"); }
> which would make the element into a replaced element.

That sounds reasonable. Was css3-content likely to get an active editor
any time soon?

  - Florian

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