RE: [css-3d-transforms] Opacity and perspective handling

[Matt Woodrow:]

>The spec for the perspective property [1] states that it ' applies only to the positioned or 
>transformed children of the element'. Is 'children' meant to mean 'descendants' here?

>In this test case [2], WebKit is applying perspective to the transform, even though the 
>transformed frame isn't a direct child of the frame with perspective. Is this expected behaviour, 
>or a bug?

I believe you are right; this is supposed to be descandants.

>Also, is preserve-3d meant to change the definition of opacity? 

>In this example test case [3], opacity is applied to the parent element of a preserve-3d 
>hierarchy. WebKit is rendering each of the children with opacity separately, such that you can 
>see the other elements through them. In firefox all the elements are rendered with solid color 
>and flattened into a buffer before having opacity applied, as (I believe) is expected for group 
> opacity.

This is stranger; while the Webkit result looks pretty cool it's as if opacity was being inherited. I don't think that's intentional.


Received on Friday, 18 November 2011 21:59:37 UTC