Re: Levels and modular structure

Tab Atkins Jr.:
> On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 3:32 AM, Christoph Päper
>> A major problem remains, though, in that some but not all parts of the monolithic level 2 specification have been moved into modules.
> Why is that a problem?

It means that modules have to normatively reference all (or nothing) of CSS level 2 (revision 1). Accordingly, conforming implementations of such a module would have to support CSS 2.1 completely. (Actually it probably wouldn’t have to but it’s somewhat implied.)

> It merely means that we haven't felt a strong enough need to update those portions yet.

The first step of modularization is splitting into modules, not adding new stuff.

>> [module] forking should only be allowed if all previous features of a module remain in exactly one of its successors and those develop at the same pace.
> Hm, why do you feel this is necessary?

It’s not strictly necessary, but preferable.

> I see nothing wrong with a splitting a module so that a piece contains only part of the down-level spec.

That’s fine, as long as there is another piece with the other parts.

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