Levels and modular structure (was: Unprefixing CSS properties)

Boris Zbarsky:

> It would make just as much sense to talk about "Selectors Level 4" but "Grid Layout Level 1", in my opinion.

Much more than just as much – at least if CSS had been modular from the beginning. As the world is now it makes some sense to start new modules on level 3. A major problem remains, though, in that some but not all parts of the monolithic level 2 specification have been moved into modules. A lesson to be learned is that there should be processes clearly defined how to join or split modules in the future. In my humble opinion, merging is simple(r), whereas forking should only be allowed if all previous features of a module remain in exactly one of its successors and those develop at the same pace. Perhaps the split only, without further additions, should constitute the new modules and fast-track them to the same status its predecessor holds. As established by initial level 3 modules, these would also not begin at level 1.

Received on Thursday, 17 November 2011 11:32:57 UTC