Re: [css3-gcpm] [css3-lists] Moving the list-related chapter of GCPM to Lists

Also sprach Peter Moulder:

 > >  > > @counter-style daggers { glyphs: "*" "\2020" "\2021" "\A7" "#" }

 > Given that there's uncertainty as to what the default should be,
 > and one of the examples in css3-gcpm expects decimal fallback,

It was designed before 'symbolic' was offered. I think 'symbolic' will
be better than decimal fallback.

 > I'd want any shorthand to include the type explicitly.
 > E.g.
 >   @counter-style daggers "*" "\2020" "\2021" "\A7" "#" symbolic;

The benefit of having a shorthand is so that authors don't have to
think about what the most common property/value is called. So I
probably not use the shorthand with type, but I can see that it could

CSS properties mostly have an initial value, I don't see why 'type'

Another comment is that 'type' is a bit too generic, how about

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