Re: Sloppiness of `box', `area', and `width'

On Tue, 15 Nov 2011 12:45:19 -0800, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:

>>>  The "width" talked about in this chapter is the distance between
>>>  a box's edge and the nearest enclosed box's edge.
>> Do you see? CAN YOU SEE IT? You basically say what I want to say:
>>          The content edge and the padding edge define the
>>          box's padding area.
>>          etc.
>> Perhaps it will help to point out that `edge' DOES mean `perimeter',
>> as defined by the spec (reasonably, in your opinion), and what we
>> are talking ARE areas. Indeed, my problem with the use `width'
>> stems from these statements in the spec:
>>    * If the padding has 0 width, the padding edge is the
>>      same as the content edge.
>>    * If the border has 0 width, the border edge is the
>>      same as the padding edge.
>>    * If the margin has 0 width, the margin edge is the
>>      same as the border edge.
>> What does `the padding has 0 width' mean? It is complete nonsense!
> ...
> Anyone familiar with how the 'padding' property works can understand
> that sentence - there are 4 widths, one for each side.

I forgot to add: That is the worst basis for writing a specification.

Also, that concept of a `width' was not EXPLICITLY introduced before
this usage; it's another example of an IMPLICIT definition.

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