Re: [css3-animations] invalid values in keyframes

On Tuesday 2011-11-15 02:56 +0000, Jennifer Yu wrote:
> >Agreed.  It should behave as though 'color' was not specified in the 50% keyframe.
> >
> >So, to answer the original question, in that animation, color should animate from red at 0% to yellow at 100%
> Is this defined somewhere? I see a note in the ED and a bug
> tracking that the behavior needs to be defined in the spec, but no
> other indicator that this is how keyframes with missing properties
> should behave. I do agree that this is how it should animate. Just
> wondering if there's a discussion out there that could be used to
> guide behavior in other similar cases or edge cases.

It's not defined; I have ACTION-389 [1] to write up text on how it

I realize that we also need more text to define that keyframe rules
are parsed just like style rules, except for the different sort of
selectors (e.g., to define that malformed declarations are dropped,
and the last non-malformed occurrence of a repeated property wins).



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