Re: [css3-gcpm] [css3-lists] Moving the list-related chapter of GCPM to Lists

Tab wrote:

 > The new predefined list style, super-decimal, is already defined in
 > the Lists spec.  As well, the Lists spec defines a more powerful
 > method for defining new named list styles.  It didn't previously have
 > an equivalent for the symbols() function, but I've now added that
 > (<>) and aligned
 > it with the @counter-style syntax and abilities.


I've removed the list styles from the GCPM editor's draft.

I also suggest that the GCPM shorthand syntax is added to css3-lists.
In GCPM, you could say:

  @counter-style daggers "*" "\2020" "\2021" "\A7" "#";

which is a shorthand for:

  @counter-style daggers {
     type: non-repeating;
     glyphs: "*" "\2020" "\2021" "\A7" "#";
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