Re: [CSS21] Background-image: intrinsic ratio of SVG images

Le Lun 14 novembre 2011 13:55, Tab Atkins Jr. a écrit :
> 2011/11/14 "Gérard Talbot" <>:
>> Hello all,
>> Section 14.2.1 background-image
>> states
>> "
>> If the image has no intrinsic dimensions and has an intrinsic ratio the
>> dimensions must be assumed to be the largest dimensions at that ratio
>> such
>> that neither dimension exceeds the dimensions of the rectangle that
>> establishes the coordinate system for the 'background-position'
>> property.
>> "
>> Now, let's assume that a SVG image (say, filenamed as
>> some-svg-image.svg)
>> is used as background-image and its code is:
>> some-svg-image.svg:
>> <svg xmlns="">
>>  <rect width="100%" height="100%" fill="green"/>
>> </svg>
>> Does such SVG image has an intrinsic ratio?
>> I believe it does have intrinsic ratio: an 1 to 1 ratio. Am I wrong?
> Yup, you're wrong.  ^_^  Percentages do not count as intrinsic dimensions.

Thank you, Tab. That answers my question (... although I admit I am still
surprised by your answer here... )

If, say, an SVG image has

<svg xmlns="">
 <rect width="100" height="200" fill="green"/>

than such SVG image has a 1 to 2 intrinsic ratio.

I am wondering here how a SVG image could have an intrinsic ratio without
intrinsic dimensions. How would that be possible for a SVG image? This is
furthermore relevant since section 14.2.1 mentions such possibility (it's
the paragraph I quoted above).

regards, Gérard
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