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[CSS21] Question on section optional recourse of the algorithm of 10.3.3

From: Gérard Talbot <www-style@gtalbot.org>
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 10:33:00 -0800
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Section Fixed table layout
states the following

The table's width may be specified explicitly with the 'width' property. A
value of 'auto' (for both 'display: table' and 'display: inline-table')
means use the automatic table layout algorithm. However, if the table is a
block-level table ('display: table') in normal flow, a UA may (but does
not have to) use the algorithm of 10.3.3
to compute a width and apply fixed table layout even if the specified
width is 'auto'.

If a UA supports fixed table layout when 'width' is 'auto', the following
will create a table that is 4em narrower than its containing block:

table { table-layout: fixed;
        margin-left: 2em;
        margin-right: 2em }

but, as far as I can see this, no known browser implements the algorithm
of 10.3.3 so that the width of such table gets to be 4em narrower than its
containing block. If I'm wrong, then please demonstrate this with a
testcase: I would be very interested to see such.

Now, if no browser use the algorithm of 10.3.3, then why should such
possibility still be mentioned/remain in section ?

I am for removing the whole block that starts with
"However, if the table"
"margin-right: 2em }"

Gérard Talbot
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