Re: [css3-images] aliases for 'cover' and 'contain'

On Fri, Nov 4, 2011 at 10:42 AM, Brad Kemper <> wrote:
> I don't recall a resolution to freeze all aspects of all features while still in working draft.

Dude, the *entire point* of that session at the f2f was to end the
otherwise-endless arguments about functionality so we could finish
this spec.  It's done and over.  It will be reopened at level 4, where
it is appropriate.  The WG specifically left the syntax discussion
open with the assumption that we would clear it up quickly, but that's

I think the intent of the WG was clear.  At this point I will
summarily reject any proposals for functionality changes as an editor.
 Of course, the WG is ultimately in charge of all specs, so if you can
convince the WG to change the functionality, I'll edit accordingly.
Otherwise, I will act with the goal of polishing what is left to get
this spec to LC and CR.


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