Re: [css3-images] aliases for 'cover' and 'contain'

On Nov 3, 2011, at 11:54 PM, fantasai <> wrote:

> The radial-gradient() spec defines 'cover' as an alias for 'farthest-corner'
> and 'contain' as an alias for 'closest-side'.
> We generally try to avoid aliases in CSS, why do we have these here and
> can we remove one of the pairs?

I'm probably damning your idea to an instant rejection from Brian by agreeing with you, but I have stated before that we 'nearest-corner' and 'farthest-side' are not that useful. The only time you can see the difference between them and 'cover/contain' is when the bg-position is off-center, and you see them get clipped in generally un-useful ways. 

If we had only 'cover' and 'contain', AND changed 'contain' to mean "contain within the sides that you are not moving towards via bg-position", then you would be keeping it both useful and simple, and would continue to let authors get the most popular combinations of side-based and corner-based sizing and clipping. 

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